Did former Cudahy mayor break the law before leaving office?

From the City of Cudahy’s website comes this nugget:

On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, the Cudahy Police Department received information regarding a Wisconsin Ethics Commission complaint form. Based upon that information, the Cudahy Police Department presented the documentation to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office. The complaint has been referred to the Wisconsin Department of Justice for investigation.

Mayor Thomas Pavlic

Mayor Pavlic’s press release doesn’t get into specifics about the issues with the Ethics Commission complaint form that led to a referral to the District Attorney’s office (and later the Department of Justice); however former Cudahy aldermanic candidate Arnold Naquellari (one of the targets of the complaint) has indicated the issue with the complaint is the apparent falsification of the complaint itself. The complaint was filed by “John Smith” and later notarized certifying “John Smith” as the complainant; however “John Smith” doesn’t appear to be a real person. Arnold Naquellari did some digging and determined the individual who filed a notarized complaint is none other than former Cudahy Mayor John Hohenfeldt; however the plot thickens because while the complaint filed by “John Smith” was notarized, Cudahy’s notary public has indicated she did not notarize the document in question. Other than the city’s notary public the only person with access to the notary’s stamp was former Mayor John Hohenfeldt.

There have been rumors of a law enforcement investigation, and now CBS 58 is reporting both Cudahy’s current mayor and police chief have confirmed an investigation is taking place. Forgery is a felony, and if John Hohenfeldt did in fact commit forgery he violated not only the laws of the state of Wisconsin but the oath he took when he was sworn in as Cudahy’s mayor.

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