The problem with “Indian Specials”

I’m a big fan of the YouTube channel “Just One More Watch”. Jody from Just One More Watch does a great job of sharing his enthusiasm for watches in general and great value watches in specific. He’s particularly fond of sharing his “Chinese Specials”.

As I’ve posted here more than once I’ve started my watch collection with some vintage watches purchased on eBay from sellers in India. While two of the watches I’ve received have been just as described, I did receive one watch that didn’t work (and which I’m still dealing with a return for). Today I received another vintage watch – after nearly two months due to some odd delay in shipping. Th watch is a vintage Citizen, and here’s what I was supposed to receive:

While it’s nothing fancy I think it’s a sharp vintage watch. However, that’s not the watch I got in the mail today – this is.

While the watch I received today is a Citizen it’s most certainly not what I ordered for. In addition to the garish blue dial the watch I received had a case back that was poorly fastened and a giant crack on the case. Considering this watch was purchased from the same seller as the two “Indian Specials” I had received in good condition, I was surprised at both the condition of this watch and the fact that it wasn’t even the watch I purchased. As I’ve ventured into the world of watches – specifically vintage watches – I’ve learned a healthy amount of “buyer beware” is the best way to approach any watch purchase because you never really know what you’re going to get.

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