007 as a woman? Some men just can’t handle that!

Earlier this week news broke that Lashana Lynch from Captain Marvel has been cast as the new 007.

Predictably that news sent some fragile men into an absolute uproar, because how dare they cast anyone other than a man as 007??!?!?

One such example of how triggered some men have gotten is this video from Tyrone Magnus, who starts the video by addressing this whole “female empowerment thing” (and he used actual air quotes while saying it) and talking about how it’s been “forced on us.” Watch for yourselves but be forewarned – the condescension and toxicity is heavy.

While I understand that some men are really threatened at the idea of strong women taking over roles previously given exclusively to men (and by roles I don’t just mean in movies) I’m amused at how triggered and threatened they are. The notion that a role in a movie shouldn’t be given to a woman simply because she’s a woman and the role has always gone to a man is just plain wrong, and it’s the very definition of toxic masulinity.

Toxic masculinity is very real, and it’s something that needs to continue to be challenged.