Yet another Indian “frankenwatch”? I’m not sure but I love it anyhow!

Last week I shared my thoughts about why I’m interested in watches and more specifically vintage watches. At the time I noted the difficulty in finding quality vintage watches at a reasonable (by my standards) price. I noted the plethora of “frankenwatches” from countries like India – and that despite my trepidation I had purchased a vintage Seiko 5 off eBay for $17.99.

In a followup post I noted how pleased I am with that watch and the vendor and so I decided to weather the inevitable eye roll from my wife (she thinks I’m ridiculous) and buy another vintage Seiko 5. After trolling through dozens of possibilities I settled on this:

After three weeks of waiting (shipping from India is no joke!) the watch I bought finally arrived tonight. I had a chance to look the watch over and it arrived just as described by the seller – and as a bonus the watch actually worked unlike a different watch I purchased from a different seller. Having had the watch on my wrist I’m really pleased – it’s a great looking watch that fits really well on my small wrist, given the case diameter of 35mm. My only complaint (which is a complaint I had with my previous Seiko 5) is the quality of the strap. Considering I paid $13.99 for this latest Seiko 5 I wasn’t expecting much from the strap – and I wasn’t disappointed. The strap that came with the watch left a lot to be desired, but there’s an easy solution to that problem – I simply ordered a better strap off Amazon.

I don’t know if this latest Seiko 5 is truly authentic or yet another Indian “frankenwatch” but I suppose I don’t really care – I’m really happy with the watch I received and that’s really all that matters.

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